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Harbin stay Feb 2010


Just wanted to leave a comment about the apartment I had for 4 days. Very happy that I found the wikitravel entry as Liu Jun and his Mum were amazing all the way through my stay in Harbin.

The apartment I had was modern and warm, hot water 24 hours, big TV and DVD player - and can really recommend it. Near restaurants and a shopping mall and 1 stop by bus to the Harbin Ice Festival (my main reason for visiting).

A very happy stay.

Nic, UK Traveller.

Great hotel! 200RMB/night, came with a big screen TV, a small kitchen, western bathroom with shower, internet, and a queen sized bed along with a good view of Harbin. Will definitely come back in the future if I am in Harbin.

Lovely apartment situated in a fairly upscale part of Harbin. As a solo female traveler, I value safety in the neighborhood and place. Meijia is located in a nice, safe area - there is a guard at the front gate, you need a automatic key tag in order to get through the front door and elevator, etc. Just down the street is a luxury mall with high end shops, there is a large shopping complex that resembles a Walmart (multi-floor that sells anything from food, clothing, to household items), several restaurant chains (Dumpling King, Old Chang's Spring Cakes, KFC, Pizza Hut), all within 1 minutes walk away. So there are always people walking around, and the type of people that live here are decent - no need to worry about getting mugged, hurt, etc. The apt itself it nice, clean, sizable. There is a large king size bed in the place I was staying, a kitchen with a stove and cooking utensils, a large flat screen tv, internet access via a cable (so bring your own laptop), bathroom, and washer/dryer unit (with English on it!). The owner and his mother are very nice and keep the place pretty spotless. He is fairly young and speaks excellent English.

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