Meijia(Beautiful Home) Apartment


Meijia (Beautiful Home) Apartment is located in Harbin City Center, about 40 minutes by bus from Harbin Airport. It is only 10 minutes by bus from Harbin Railway Station, Sun Island in summer and the famous ‘Ice and Snow World’ in winter, also only a 20 minutes walk from the famous pedestrian street Central Street. Meijia Apartment is suitable for tourists of all kinds. It is cozy, clean and safe. The facilities include TV, air conditioner, fridge, 24 hour hot water, microwave owen, double beds, bedsheets, blankets, closet and with good heating in the winter. Priced at only RMB 199 yuan per night, including electricity and water fees, it is an exceptional bargin. Call 86-18946183958 for English language information and reservations or online at: or by Skype: Meijia Apartment

Our location is No. 90, Shanghai Street, Daoli District, Harbin(Very near from Shangri-La Hotel).

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Notice to guests:

1. If there are something dirty on your bedsheets which we couldn't make them clean as before, you will be required to pay for the dirty bedsheets.

2. To avoid blockages, put all your rubbish, including toilet paper in the waste-paper basket. Don't throw anything else into the toilet bowl or washbasin.

3. To save electricity, please turn off air conditioner, all lights and appliances before leaving the room.

4. Please look after the room. You will be required to pay for any damage you cause.

Welcome to Meijia Apartment and we hope that you enjoy your stay here!

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Lovely apartment situated in a fairly upscale part of Harbin. As a solo female traveler, I value safety in the neighborhood and place. Meijia is located in a nice, safe area - there is a guard at the front gate, you need a automatic key tag in order to get through the front door and elevator, etc. Just down the street is a luxury mall with high end shops, there is a large shopping complex that resembles a Walmart (multi-floor that sells anything from food, clothing, to household items), several restaurant chains (Dumpling King, Old Chang's Spring Cakes, KFC, Pizza Hut), all within 1 minutes walk away. So there are always people walking around, and the type of people that live here are decent - no need to worry about getting mugged, hurt, etc. The apt itself it nice, clean, sizable. There is a large king size bed in the place I was staying, a kitchen with a stove and cooking utensils, a large flat screen tv, internet access via a cable (so bring your own laptop), bathroom, and washer/dryer unit (with English on it!). The owner and his mother are very nice and keep the place pretty spotless. He is fairly young and speaks excellent English.

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